PostsPriyadarshini sings new raga Thyagaraja Mangalam in her Carnatic Classical Performance

Priyadarshini sings new raga Thyagaraja Mangalam in her Carnatic Classical Performance

Priyadarshini performed Carnatic Classical on the occasion of Guru Poornima celebrating the legacy of Sangeetha Kalanidhi Shri  T. M. Thyagarajan through the disciples of Guru Smt Mangalam Shankar.


Priyadarshini presented a Varnam composed by Shri T. M. Thyagarajan, Viruttam, a Guru Shloka composed by Shri Mahesh Mahadev and a Kriti composed by Saint Sri Thyagaraja Swami as part of Guru Poornima Celebrations 2021. 


She lent her voice for the new ragam “Thyagaraja Mangalam” discovered and created by Indian Classical & Film Music Composer Shri Mahesh Mahadev. This new raga Thyagaraja Mangalam, is a janya raga of Gowri Manohari, 23rd Melakarta and is an Audava Sampurna raga. Arohanam of this raga is  S G₂ M₁ P N₃ Ṡ  and Avarohanam is Ṡ N₃ D₂ P M₁ G₂ R₂ S  This new ragam is named in the honour of  Carnatic Vocalists & Musicologists Maha Guru Shri T. M. Thyagarajan and Guru Smt. Mangalam Shankar. As a first dedication in this new ragam, a Guru Shloka (Viruttam) was presented by Priyadarshini.

Performance Sequence:

Song 1

♪ Varnam: Gnana Margam

♪ Ragam: Hamsanadam
♪ Tala: Adi

♪ Composer: T. M. Thyagarajan

♪ Language : Tamil

♪ Performed by : Priyadarshini


Song 2

♪ Guru Shloka (Viruttam): Dhyana Moolam

♪ Ragam: Thyagaraja Mangalam (Raga created by Mahesh Mahadev)

♪ Arohanam & Avarohanam: S G₂ M₁ P N₃ Ṡ | Ṡ N₃ D₂ P M₁ G₂ R₂ S )

♪ Composer: Mahesh Mahadev

♪ Language : Sanskrit

♪ Performed by : Priyadarshini

♪ Copyrights: PM Audios & Entertainments


Song 3

♪ Kriti: Guruleka Etuvanti

♪ Ragam: Gowri Manohari

♪ Tala: Khanda Chapu

♪ Composer: Saint Sri Tyagaraja

♪ Language : Telugu

♪ Performed by : Priyadarshini


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