Priyadarshini as Researcher

Priyadarshini has always had keen interest to carry out research in various music and arts related topics and subjects. She has been actively working in many research areas in music & arts specifically in areas of Indian film music, world music, cinema studies for more than a decade.

Priyadarshini is the first playback singer to carry out Ph.D research in 100 years of Indian film music and receive a doctorate. Her 1080-page doctoral thesis is regarded as the authoritative source on the subject.

She received her Doctorate from University of Mysore from the hands of Sri Thawar Chand Gehlot, Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka, Dr. C. N. Ashwath Narayan, Hon’ble Minister for Higher Education, Government of Karnataka & Prof. G. Hemantha Kumar, Vice-Chancellor University of Mysore for her outstanding achievement. 

She pursued her Ph.D research in “Music in Kannada & Tamil Cinema – A Study” which comprises of 100 years of Cinema music study (1917-2020) which includes the birth of the both Tamil & Kannada industries, music in silent era, talkie era, the advent of playback singing, musical intricacies, music in different aspects, background scores, few song analysis, contributions of music composers, playback singers, lyricists, musicians, sound technicians, a glimpse of Music Creation, Recording, production, marketing, business etc.

Her research Guide is Legendary Carnatic Flautist, Vocalist, Musicologist, Dr. C.A Sreedhara, Principal, University of Mysore. 

Priyadarshini has also authored several research articles and presented papers in peer reviewed Journals, seminars and conferences. 

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