Dr. Priyadarshini-Short Bio

Dr. Priyadarshini is a Singaporean-Indian Playback Singer, live performer, independent artist, researcher, music educator and an author who has been excelling in various aspects of the Indian film and music industry.As a playback singer, she has lent her voice to numerous hit movie songs in multiple Indian languages Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam working with renowned music composers. Her versatility extends to private albums, jingles, television serials title songs, corporate brand anthems, non-filmy, devotionals, and web series titles in more than 12 Indian and foreign languages. Priyadarshini’s unique voice timbre is further enhanced by her training in Indian Classical Carnatic, Hindustani, and Western Music.

Priyadarshini created a history in Indian Cinema becoming the first playback singer to receive a Doctorate for her Ph.D research in 100 years of Film Music. She received her doctorate from the University of Mysore in the hands of the Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka. Her doctoral  thesis explores the study of film music over the past 100 years, spanning more than 1000 pages and making it the longest doctoral thesis in this field.

Beyond her singing career, Priyadarshini is a music researcher and writer, having published several articles and papers. Additionally, she has showcased her acting skills in on-screen appearances in movies, short films, and independent albums. Priyadarshini has contributed to the music industry as a lyricist and through raga discovery. She also extends her talents to hosting special live musical shows and programs for esteemed broadcasting and popular television networks.

As a music educator and entrepreneur, she is the co-founder and  managing Director of PRISM Foundation and PRISM Recording Studios. She also serves as the Managing Director of Audio Labels – PM Audios & Entertainments and Mugus Records. 

Her impressive list of accolades, awards, honors, and appreciation comes from various organizations, NGOs, and government departments worldwide. She is the recipient of Puneeth Rajkumar “Rajaratna Award” at Karnataka Film Festival, “Silver Screen Women Achiever Award” from Universal Film Producers Council, “Best Playback Singer” from Karnataka State Chalanachitra Rasikara Sangha, “International Youth Award” at the International Youth Festival, “Lalitha Kala Srujana Award” by the Lalitha Kala Srujana Organisation, “Best Singer” from Singapore Radio Oli 96.8 and many others. 

In addition to her music career, Priyadarshini holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and a Master’s Degree in Indian Music (Carnatic Classical) from the University of Madras. She also has a post-graduation in Naturopathy & Yogic Science from the University of Madras and is certified in Western Music from ABRSM – The Royal Schools of Music, London, and Trinity College of Music, London.

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Singaporean-Indian Playback Singer

1 Uyire Unakkaga
Singers: Srinivas, Priyadarshini
2 Snehada Chiguru
Singers: S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Priyadarshini
3 Neele Gagan Mein
Singer: Priyadarshini
4 Thiruvaai
Singer: Priyadarshini
5 Mayanginen
Singers: Mukesh, Priyadarshini
6 Ekaksharame
Singer: Priyadarshini
7 Kannalle Kaadodu
Singer: Priyadarshini
8 Masala Maharani
Singers: Ranjith, Priyadarshini
9 Ee Haadu
Singer: Priyadarshini
10 Suvakshoja
Singer: Priyadarshini

“All the best to you”

“You have become the champion of the music competition by Oli 96.8, focus on your music career and work hard.” “You have a good voice, I wish you all the best”

Illayaraja Indian Music Composer

“Good Luck Beta”

“Enjoyed your singing in my musical night show, really it was a memorable show in Bangalore.” “God bless you beta.”

O. P. Nayyar Indian Film Composer

“Your voice is sweet and your diction is clear.”

“Your voice is sweet and your diction is clear.” “Take every opportunity given to you as a blessing and put in your best effort for every song.” “I wish you all the very best in your music career”

S. P. Balasubrahmanyam Indian Playback Singer, Composer, Actor

“All the best to you”

“I liked your Ekaksharame song, very sweet voice, also my best wishes for your research work, god bless you”

Kannan Latha Aravind Indian Musician, Son of Music Composer C. R. Subbaraman

"I enjoyed all the Songs!”

““Vishnu Appaji’s cine journey Gallery is very beautiful and Hope to see more shows like this and I wish you success in your musical journey and a bright future ahead.”

Aniruddha Jatkar Indian Film Actor

“You are a dedicated singer”

“Priyadarshini, you have a good voice and you are a hardworking girl.” “You have always been focused towards your work and my best wishes are with you.”

Dhina Indian Film Music Composer

“Krishnavudaya aashirvadam unakku eppozhudum irukkum”

“Priya, unakku nalla high voice irukku, hardwork and dedicationoda work pannu, nee periya level reach pannuvaai, kadavul aashirvadamum ennoda aahsirvadamum eppozhudum unakku undu”

H H Sri Sri Yadugiri Yathiraja Narayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami 41st Pontiff, Sri Yadugiri Yathiraja Mutt

“You have a unique voice”

“Your songs are nice, soon I will compose a song like ‘Megame Megame’ which was composed by my Dad Shankar of Shankar-Ganesh fame and you should sing it under my music direction.” “I am sure you will reach great heights with hard work and determination.”

S. Bobby Shankar Indian Film Composer & Musician

“All the best to you”

“My blessing and support is with you always.” “May you achieve your dreams and reach great heights.”

Dr. M. R. Jayaram Chairman, Ramaiah Group of Institutions & Gokula Education Foundation (GEF)

“All the best for your musical journey”

“I'm happy to see you pursuing your research in Film music alongside your playback singing.” “All the best for your musical endeavours.”

R. P. Patnaik Indian Film Composer, Director

“You have a melodic voice”

“Best wishes to you, a lot of melody and devotion is there in your voice.” “Very happy you are doing your Ph.D. in Film Music, all the best!”

Deepan Chakravarthy Indian Playback Singer

“Thaayi Om Shakthiyin arul kidaikattum”

“Un kural inimaiya irukku, un vidamuyarchigal kandippa unakku vetrigalai tharum.” Priya, Unakku ennudaiya nalvaazhthukkal !”

Deva Indian Film Music Composer

“Best wishes for your music journey”

“You have chosen a rare topic for your Ph.D thesis and I'm happy you are doing valuable research in it, I wish you good luck in your musical journey.”

Gangai Amaran Indian Film Composer

“You are a talented singer”

“You are doing a great show with legends.” “Neevu tumba olle gaayaki, Appaji iddidre bahala khushi padtaidru.” “All the best for your career.”

Shiva Rajkumar Indian Film Actor

“You sang my composition well”

“You have a bright future ahead in the film industry.” “Concentrate on your work and you will accomplish your goals.” “My best wishes to you in your singing, research works and your music foundation.”

Mano Murthy Indian Film Composer

“All the Best”

“You must strive hard to reach your goals and always believe in yourself.” “I wish you best of luck”.

Kamal Haasan Indian Film Actor

“You have a beautiful voice ma”

“Keep practising and I am sure you will achieve your goal”,”god bless you ma”

Bhuvana Chandra Indian Lyricist

“First classa paadirukkamma”

“I have recorded all legendary singers voices, enakku un voice la oru periya paadagi aagakudiya ella qualities irukkunu thonradhu, nalvazhthukkal”, “definitely I will come to your studio and record your voice”

K. Sampath Indian audiographer, Recordist, AVM Studios

“Bahala yettarakke beliyo haage aagali”

“Tumba chennagi haadtaidiyamma, ninage devaru olledu maadli.” “Ninna album songs ella kelde, Sangeetadalli bahala yettarakke beliyo haage aagali, devaru aashirvada sada irli.”

Parvathamma Rajkumar Indian Film Producer

“My best wishes to you”

“All the best for your music journey and your research works.” God bless you.

A. R. Rahman Indian Composer, Grammy + Academy Award Winning Musician

"Priya, keep pushing yourself forward!"

"You are a hardworking and dedicated girl", "As an infant, you would wake up crying the moment I stop singing lullaby, you had immense interest even then." "As a mother, I am very proud to see you grow into a fine singer my dear." "May Sri Krishna's blessings be upon you"

Sumathi Ram Vice-Chairman, PRISM Foundation

“I can see that you are a very dedicated singer.”

“You have a beautiful voice with good vocal range, you have worked with many renowned music directors and I can see that you are a very dedicated singer.” “May God bless you.”

A. L. Raghavan Indian Playback Singer

“Nice rendition Priyadarshini”

“I liked your Omkara Pranava song, you have sung it very well.” “Concentrate on your career and I wish you all the success.” “Best wishes”

Nithyasree Mahadevan Carnatic Vocalist & Playback Singer

You are a beautiful singer with a mellifluous voice.

Your musical talent is inspiring. The good control and natural tone over the high notes is impressive. Your vocal range is incredible. I love the feel and inflexion in your voice. You craft every song into a beautiful masterpiece. You are not only an amazing playback singer but also a melodious carnatic classical vocalist. I absolutely love your vocal delivery & the way your voice flows melodiously. You are one who is blessed with natural singing talent. Your cheerful smile certainly spreads positive vibes around.

Ramanathan, IRS Addl. Commissioner of Income Tax, Govt. of India

“Hard work and dedication is the key to success”

“Namma film industry inda neenu musicnalli research madtairodu bahala hemmeya vishaya and you are a good singer too.” “All the best for your work ma.”

Rajan (Rajan-Nagendra Duo) Indian Film Composer

“Enjoyed your Concert”

“I enjoyed listening to your Krishna Janmashtami concert at my home, felt Lord Krisha’s presence as you sang the songs.” “You have a bright future ahead of you, May God bless you Priyadarshini.”

Dr. Vishnuvardhan Indian Film Actor

"God bless you, Neenu haadiro ella haadugalu impaagide"

"All songs are wonderful, You have a beautiful voice" "Good luck for all your musical endeavours"

P. R. O Ananth Celebrity P. R. O, Kannada Film Industry

“Saraswathi putri neenu”

“Devaru ninage madhuravada kantavanna kottidane, olle hudugi neenu.” “Nanna aashirvada yavagalu ninage irutte.” “Best of Luck kanda.”

Jayanthi Indian Film Actress

“You are a good singer”

“The song ‘Something Something’ which you sang for my movie remains one of my favourite songs.” “The song Omkara Pranava which I just heard is wonderful.” “I wish you a huge success in your future endeavours”.

Ramesh Aravind Indian Film Actor, Director

“I am happy to see you are a notable singer in Tamil Nadu”

“All the best for your research work and your musical journey, God bless you.”

Gandhi Kannadasan Publisher and Writer, S/o Poet & Lyricist Kannadasan

“Unakku ennudaiya nalvazhthukkal”

“Unnoda kural inimaiya irukku, kandippa nee oru periya singera varuva, all the best to you ma”

Manivannan Indian film Director, Actor


“Your Achyutham keshavam song is lovely and a feel good song, great, God bless you.”

Menaka Suresh Indian Film Actress and Producer

Ramachandran B.

“You have a unique voice”

“Keep your efforts consistent in every step, you are bound to achieve success in your musical journey.” “As your father, I am proud of all your achievements, keep it up!”. “Wish you good luck in you singing career & research works”

B. Ramachandran Former Director, Tecnicas Reunidas, Founder & Chairman, PRISM Foundation

“Thank you for making my birthday special with your singing”

“I enjoyed your songs very much”. “My Birthday celebrations were highlighted by your incomparable presence, I thank you for accepting and performing in our special program”

Dr. K. M. Cherian India's first Heart bypass Surgeon, Padmashri Awardee

“Priya, you have a bright future”

“You sang my songs in the Julie movie well, consistent hard work leads to success.” “Reach out to your goals, best wishes.”

Rajesh Ramanath Indian Film Composer

“Your voice is beautiful.”

“Your voice is beautiful, I wish you a successful film music journey.”

Ajith Kumar Indian Film Actor

“I enjoyed your song”

“You sang the ‘Transforming the rickety’, poem written on me by Y. S. Rajan Very well, you have made it catchy”,“Good luck to you”

Tarun Das Indian Industrialist, Corporate Executive, Writer & Padmabhushan Awardee

“Focus on your dreams”

“Good singing, keep working on your goals.” “Good luck for all your future endeavours in Music.”

R. Chandrasekhar Indian Film Musician

“Brahmamokate haadu bhala adbhutavaagi haadidri”

“You have a good voice, I enjoyed your songs, the show went on very well, all the best in your musical career, god bless you”

Rockline Venkatesh Indian Film Actor and Producer

“Have a successful music journey”

“Don't leave any opportunity that comes to you.” “Un kural nalla irukku, ella paadalgalilum besta kudukkanum.”

B. Saroja Devi Indian Film Actress

“You are a good singer”

“You have a good voice and high vocal range, I wish you the best in your music career.” “Keep striving hard.”

Raghavendra Rajkumar Indian Film Actor, Producer

“Ninna haadalli ondu positive energy ide”

“Ella Haadugalannu dina keltini, tumba aanandavaagide”, “Sangeethadalli tumba yetharakke belithiya, devara aashirvada yaavagalu nim mele ide”.

R. Mahadeva Rao Vice-Chairman, Shivashakthi Group

“Nin haadugalu sogasaagittamma”

“Priyadarshini, tumba chennagi haadidiyamma, ella haadugalu ista aitu.” “Nambide Ninna haadu ninna voicealli hosa aalapane madiddu tumba sogasagittu.” “God bless.”

Bharathi Vishnuvardhan Indian Film Actress

“You have a sweet voice and you are very cute”

“Now you have reached the champion level, next you have to be a star in our film industry, all the best to you”

Khushbu Sundar Indian Actress, Film Producer and Politician

“You are like my daughter”

“I have been with you in all your musical endeavours, album releases, shows and events” “I wish to see you reach great heights and have a long lived successful music career.”

S. Shivaram Indian Film Actor, Producer, Director

“Dream big & Stay focused”

“Nice singing, my best wishes for your music journey and your research work.”

Philips Indian Film Musician

"In my dictionary the meaning of sincerity, dedication and hardwork means the same...It is Priyadarshini”

“You are a good singer, as a Guru, I always wish you success in your music career and research work.” “Keep working hard and it will pay off soon.” “Don't forget to practice everyday.” “May Mother’s Grace be upon you.”

M. K. Radha Vijayan Indian Film Musician, Composer, Music Educator, Arranger & Conductor

“Un kural azhagaga amogama irukkindraduma”

“Innu nandraaga varuvaaiamma, un adakkamum, anbum, panbum engalukku romba pidichirundhadhuma”, “Kadavul vaazhthukkal”

T. A. S. Thakkesi Indian Classical Musician & S/o Late Sri T A Sambandhamoorthy Achari

“Romba arumaiya paadirukka”

“Unnoda voice romba inimaiya irukku, uchcharippum spashtama irukku.” “Innum neraya paadanum, nalla perum puzhagum kidaikkatum unakku.” “God bless you.”

Lalitha Sivakumar Indian Classical Musician (Carnatic Vocalist)

“Nalla paadareenga”

“Ungaloda isai payanthirkkum researchukkum en vaazhthukkal.” “Good luck.”

Manikka Vinayagam Indian Playback Singer, Actor

“Un kural romba inimaiya irukku”

“Romba azhaga paadara, unnudaiya ‘omkara pranava’ paadal arpudham”. “Nee innum melmelum inda paadal thuraiyil vetri pera ennudaiya nalvazhthukkal.”

Rukmini Ramani Indian Classical Musician, Carnatic Vocalist

“Nee paadina paatu romba nallairukkumma”

“Romba nalla paadiyirukka, ennoda musicla unakkaga oru paatu compose panren, nee padanum.” “Unnoda Isai payanathirkkum researchkkum ennudaiya best wishesamma.”

R. Rathna Indian Film Composer

“Un kural romba inimiya irukku”

“Nee menmelum isaila neraya sadhanaigal seiyya andha iraivanai praarthikkiren.”

M. N. Rajam Indian Film Actress

“Stay focused”

“Heard your songs, you have a sweet voice and have sung it very well.” “I wish you a bright future ahead, always remember to stay focused in your career.”

Archana Indian Film Actress

"Priya you are born for Music"

"Your voice is crystal clear, you are true & good-hearted person". "You have been a source of inspiration to many and have attracted all towards music including me". "My best wishes will always be there for you to reach the pinnacle of music"

Mahesh Mahadev Indian Film & Classical Composer, Songwriter, Singer

“God Bless you”

“There is something special in your voice,accha riyaz karo, you will grow to greater heights.” “Good luck to you Priyadarshini”

Parveen Sultana Indian Classical Musician, Hindustani Vocalist

“Your diction is perfect.”

“Priyadarshini, ‘Omkara Pranava’ haadanna chennagi haadiya, olle range ide”. “Good luck to your film music career and music foundation na tumba acchu kattaagi itkondidira. “ Good, God bless you.”

Hamsalekha Indian Film Composer

“Have a wonderful musical journey ahead”

“You are a very good singer and I am happy to have been part of many of your shows and events.” “I am glad that your first private album and many of your later albums have been released under our Lahari Music Company.” “God bless you.”

Tulsiram Naidu (Lahari Velu) Owner, Lahari Music Company

“Finest singing”

“Bhala adbhutavaagi haadidira, nimma sangeetha payana heege munduvariyali, all the best, god bless.”

B. Naganna Indian Film Director and Writer

“You have a wonderful voice Priya”

“I wish you a successful music journey and my best wishes are always with you ma.” “Go after your dreams and keep moving towards your goals.”

Ravikanth Indian Film Actor

“All the Best Priya”

“You are a good singer and I wish you all the very best in your music career.” “Good luck for your research work.”

R.S. Ganesh Narayanan Indian Film Composer


“Congrats on winning the championship trophy”. “Your voice is good, my best wishes to you in your singing career.

Devayani Indian Film Actress

“Tumba chennagi haadtaidiya magale”

“Ninna dhwani tumba impaagide, devara aashirwada nin mele sada irli, all the best to you”

Mukhyamantri Chandru Indian Actor and Politician

“I know you are a good singer, now I am seeing you as a fantastic educator too”

“You have shaped a professional doctor into a singer, I am very happy to see a doctor releasing a private album at the age of sixty.” “I can see how much you have trained her to bring her to this level.”

S. K. Bhagavan (Dorai-Bhagavan Duo) Indian Film Director

“Madhura Kantada Gaayaki”

“Tumbaane mrudhu bhaashe, athyantha snehajeevi haagu sahrudayi, ashte alla, aakeya mansinashte madhura aakeya dhwani.” “Shubhavaagali”

Manjula Jadhav Vice-Chairman, Shivashakthi Group

“Good Luck to you”

“You are a wonderful singer and a good human being.” “Keep working hard and put in your best in every song you sing.” “God bless you.”

Venkat Krishi Indian Film Composer

“All the best for your musical endeavours”

“Definitely no doubt, you are a hard worker and good singer”, “my best wishes and blessings will always be there for you”

Mangalam Shankar Carnatic Vocalist & Musicologist

“Un voice nalla irukku”

“Neraya nalla paatu unakku kidaikattum.” “eppodhum focuseda iru, nalla practise pannu, musical nalla oru sthanam unakku kidakkattum.” “enga ellaroda ashirvadam eppothum undu.”

M. S. V. Gopi Indian Film Producer

“I wish you good luck for your research”

“Happy to hear about your research in film music, my best wishes and support is always there for you.” “Always stay focused.” “God bless you.”

Vijayakrishnan Rajagopalan Mellisai Mannar Fans Association, MMFA

Great Singing. God Bless you always.

Excellent singing and visual presentation. Very pleasant & divine feel upon hearing Achyutam Keshavam Song. Congrats & Best wishes for more and more success.

S. Raghavan Revenue Head & Finance Manager, Southern Region, Air India & Grandson of Indian Film Actress T. P. Rajalakshmi

“Nalla paadara”

“Un kural nallairukku, Bharadwaj introduce pannina singerna nalla singing qualities irukkum enbadhil sandhegam illamma.” “Melmelum neraya paadal padanum, andha murugan aashirvadam unakku irukkattum.”

M. S. Viswanathan Indian Film Composer

“Your voice is sweetest, like honey”

“I liked your Narasimha shloka putta, very divine and soothing dear, I wish you all the best.”

Jayashree Aravind Indian Composer, Lyricist

“Your albums are good”

“You have a bright future ahead, best wishes to you.” “I invite you to sing in my Satsang.”

H H Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji Spiritual Guru & Founder, Art of Living

“Our blessings and good wishes are with you always”

You have a great voice and talent. Above all, your simplicity and good nature, determination and hard work will help you to achieve the greatest heights of success in all your endeavours.

S. N. Rama Prasad Managing Trustee, Sree Rama Seva Mandali Trust, Bengaluru

“Bhala adbhutavaada kelasa madtaidira”

“Chikka vayasalli tumba dodda sadhane madeira, devaru olledu madali, all the best.”

S. Ballesh Indian Musician

“Your work and dedication speaks”

“I wish you lots of success in your music journey and more awards to your credit.” “God bless you dear”

Sowcar Janaki Indian Film Actress

T. P. Rajalakshmi Actress

Dear Priya, I’m super happy to hear your songs. You have got God’s gifted voice.

Being an Engineer with a technical background, your passion and dedication to music have made you an established singer and derived your pathway to be the First Indian Playback Singer to pursue your Ph.D. Research in Film Music. I’m privileged to know your research on my mother, Cinema Rani T.P.Rajalakshmi- South Indian Cinema’s First Super Star and our family is grateful to you! Your stage shows for the charity cause are highly appreciated and you are a role model to emerging musicians. Our blessings to you for more and more good health & success.

Kamala T. P. R & Family Daughter of T.P. Rajalakshmi, South Indian Cinema's First Female Director, Producer & Actress

“You have a fantastic voice”

“I am so happy to see you as a popular playback singer, god bless you.” “I wish you good luck.”

U. K. Murali Indian Film Composer, Singer

“You are a talented singer”

“You are a sweet girl with a melodious voice, I can feel your dedication and hardwork in your songs.” “You have a bright future ahead of you and I know you will accomplish your musical goals.” “May God’s blessing be upon you always”

C.Lalitha (Bombay Sisters Duo) Indian Classical Musician, Carnatic Vocalist

“You have a wonderful voice (God bless!)”

“You are a gifted artist and I enjoyed my poem ‘Transforming the rickety’, in the new raga ‘Rajasadhaka’ created & composed by Music Composer Mahesh Mahadev which you sang very well with great ease, you handled the words superbly!! “Excellent!”

Dr. Y. S. Rajan Indian Scientist, Professor, ISRO, Padmashri Awardee

“Un paadalgal nallairukku”

“Unnoda Hindi song ‘Neele Gagan mein’ romba nalla irukku.” “As a Guru, I wish you all the best and guitar ozhunga practise pannu.”

Sadasudarsanam Indian Film Musician

“Priya, your voice is extraordinary”

“You are a talented singer and a good person at heart.” “I wish you huge success in your singing journey.”

M. N. Krupakar Indian Film Composer, Singer

“God bless you”

“Nice to know about your research in film music, my blessings and support will always be there for you.” “Definitely appa’s blessings will be there always.” “Excellent rendition of Meenakshi Pancharatnam, Best of Luck.”

Ramkumar Ganesan Indian Film Producer & Actor

"You have a high vocal range and sweet voice.”

“In the song Omkara Pranava you have touched the higher octave panchamam note effortlessly and that’s not easy.” “I wish you all the success in your musical journey ahead, Priyadarshini.” “God Bless you.”

K. S. Chithra Indian Playback Singer

“Put in your best effort in all songs”

“You are a fine singer, put in your best effort in all songs and you will achieve your musical goals.” “No matter how far you reach, stay humble and modest.” “God bless you”

Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna Carnatic & Film Musician

“Research is a creation of new knowledge”

“I am very happy to hear about your research in film music.” “I wish you all the success and make sure you jot down every single detail in your thesis.” “I also like your song Omkara Pranava which I just heard, you have a beautiful voice.” “Hope to read your thesis very soon.”

Dr. S. A. K. Durga Musicologist


“Priya, Un voice nalla irukku, oru nalla padagiya varuveenga.” “All the best, God bless you.”

Sirpy Indian Film Music Composer

“I am happy to see you grow into a fine playback singer in the Indian Film Industry.”

“My best wishes are always there for you, may you reach greater heights in music.”

Bharadwaj Indian Music Composer

“Your voice is soothing”

“You have a soothing voice and a good vocal range”. “I am sure you will reach greater heights in your singing.” “My best wishes to you.”

Vani Jayaram Indian Playback Singer

“Priyadarshini, you have an excellent vocal range.”

"Even when you reach the high notes, your voice sounds natural without any falsetto and that is the greatest quality of a professional singer.” “May God bless you with a bright future in your singing career.”

S. Janaki Indian Playback Singer

“My best wishes to you”

“Nalla paadara, innum neraya kathuko, kadavul unakku miga inimaiyana kural kuduthirukkiraar.” “Melmelum niraiya paadi pugazhpera kadavul unnai ashirvadigattum.”

T. K. Govinda Rao Indian Classical Musician, Carnatic Vocalist & First Malayalam Film Musician

“You have a crystal clear voice.”

“You have a crystal clear voice and a high voice range.” “Whatever songs I just heard in your voice are all good, your diction is also good.” “Keep moving forward with your goals and I wish you all the best.”

P. B. Sreenivas Indian Playback Singer

“You have a unique voice”

“You have a unique voice and I am happy you sang my songs really well in the show without imitating any singer.” “My best wishes to you for a bright future ahead”

Manoj Kumar Bollywood Film Actor, Director

“Your Mahalakshmi song is too good”

“I liked your Mahalakshmi, Om Namo Narayana, Navaratri song very much, fantastic singing, all the best to you.”

D. Seshachari (Hyderabad Brothers) Indian Classical Musician, Carnatic Vocalist

“You are a good singer”

“I am happy to see you pursuing research in Film music, work hard and success will be yours”

Y. Gee. Mahendran Indian Film actor, Dramatist & Playwright

"Your voice connects us eternally"

Dear Priyadarshini ji, You are blessed with eternal voice. You are such a magnificent singer in so many languages, I have heard all your songs. Can’t stop listening to you even when I don't understand the language you sing. Success will follow you dear friend

Dr. Firoz Torgal Chief-Department of Emergency Medicine. Deputy chief of Medical services at Manipal Hospital, Yeshwanthpur

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